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The Economic Benefits of Investing in Farmland

The Economic Benefits of Investing in Farmland These days, more and more Americans are investing in agriculture. Farmland can be a great investment because it can diversify your portfolio, hedge against inflation, provide a low level of risk, and may even provide tax benefits. Read on to learn more about some of the economic benefits […]

Due Diligence for Selecting Farmland

Farmland Investment | Due Diligence

Due diligence refers to your active efforts to obtain all necessary information and verify all claims with regard to a specific purchase, investment, or other contract. Simply put, it’s your attempt to double-check everything and learn as much as you can before actually committing to a deal. Because that deal involves investing your hard-earned money […]

How to find profitable farmland opportunity

How to Spot the Best Farmland Crowdfunding Opportunities

The number of reasons to consider investing in real estate – more specifically farmland – continues to grow (pun intended) every year. With urban expansion expected to reduce the world’s arable farmland by nearly 75 million acres over the next decade, existing farmers will be forced to boost production rates to accommodate an ever-increasing demand. […]

Real Estate _ Farmland Investing

Agriculture Real Estate | Why Investors Should Consider Farmland

If you’re a real estate investor, it makes sense to include a variety of properties in your holdings, including residential, commercial and farmland. Many investors think that agricultural and undeveloped land is a long-term investment that won’t pay off for years. It’s also harder to get a loan for unimproved land. This may be true […]

Investing in California Almonds

Investing in California Almonds

ALMOND FARMING IN CALIFORNIA Almonds don’t grow just anywhere. They require the right mix of climate, soil type, water and infrastructure of harvesters, packers and shippers. That right mix is found in California. Today, 80 percent of almonds consumed around the world come from California and are also the state’s largest specialty crop export. Not […]

Recession Proof Investment

Is Farmland a Recession Proof Investment?

According to most investors the next recession is a matter of when not if. FarmFundr has a vested interest in promoting and growing farmland. So when we say that farmland is recession proof don’t just take our word for it. There are no perfect investments for a recession but you can be prepared. Do your […]

Make Money in Agriculture

How To Make Money In Agriculture

To those in the industry farming is a way of life. Yet as farms consolidate and city populations grow the farming lifestyle is becoming more and more unique. As special as this way of life is to America’s farmers at the end of the day you have to pay the bills. This is true for […]

Unique Investments

Unique Investments

To those in the agriculture industry there might not seem to be anything “unique” about investing in agriculture.  That’s not always the case for investors who come from outside of the Ag sector.  When you really breakdown the industry you’ll find various sub-industries that all offer their own challenges and opportunities. Compare the difference between […]


Passive Farm Income

When you think about farming the word “passive” rarely comes to mind. Let alone passive income.   For farm managers and those in the field there’s nothing passive about the income they earn. Many farms may be able to earn from cell towers, mineral rights or hunting/tourism, but that’s not an option (or desirable) for […]