Unique Investments

August 11, 2019

To those in the agriculture industry there might not seem to be anything “unique” about investing in agriculture.

That’s not always the case for investors who come from outside of the Ag sector.

When you really breakdown the industry you’ll find various sub-industries that all offer their own challenges and opportunities. Compare the difference between operating a dairy farm and a vineyard.

Both fall under the umbrella of “Ag” yet the day-to-day operations are very different and unique in their own way. Now consider the size of the markets they serve and you’ll begin to see the opportunity that investing in agriculture offers.

How investors choose to take advantage of these opportunities will play an enormous role in the returns they can expect.

FarmFundr was created to help both experienced Ag investors, and those new to the industry, find unique investments that offer real farmland and real returns.

We’re just getting started but here’s a look at a few of our current unique investments.

Almond Orchard – California

Located between two rivers in Kings County, California. This a five year old farm nearing peak production. Many almond orchards require bees for pollination. Not here. This orchard utilizes a unique tree variety that does not require bee pollination for individual blossoms.

Row Crop Farm

Stratford, California.

Up to date irrigation provides this farm with a variety of row crop production possibilities. From tomatoes to wheat this farm is fertile enough that it has the option of converting to a vineyard.

Pistachio Development

We’ve planted a variety of pistachios that are now between 2 and 3 years matured. Expect peak maturation and potential output by year 4. Investment in this property will enable maintenance of this years production that will enhance future returns.

Consider farmland as a unique part of your portfolio. Bookmark this page and check back here as we add new investment opportunities.