HIGH PROFIT POTENTIAL FARMLAND INVESTMENTs managed by expert american farmers

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to invest in the most important commodity in the world; food.

How It works

FarmFundr is a farmer-owned, equity crowdfunding platform focused on specialty crop operations in the United States. We offer fractional farmland ownership opportunities to our members.


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Congratulations, you’re a farmer! FarmFundr manages all aspects of the farmland, from planting to harvesting to selling while you simply monitor your farm’s progress online.



Profits from crop sales are distributed to investors after crops are harvested and sold each year. At the end of the holding period, they will receive their share from the sale of the the land.

Why invest in farmland

Explore the many reasons that we believe United States farmland is an attractive investment.

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An industry that matters

Ownership in a farm operation allows investors to learn about the many aspects that go into a real working farm and the hard work that goes into feeding the world.

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Demand for food

By 2050 the world population will grow to over 10 billion people. An additional 3 billion people will enter the middle class causing food demand to sky rocket.

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More STability than the stock market

Since farmland is uncorrelated with most other major asset classes, it has proven to perform well during challenging economic conditions.

They're not making any more land

The U.S. alone loses almost 500,000 acres of farmland a year. That’s a loss of nearly 15,000,000 acres of farmland by 2050.

Long Term Investment Strategy

Farmland is an attractive, long-term investment that has the potential to provide  relative resiliency to challenging economic conditions.

Hedge Against inflation

Over time, farmland has proven to have a positive correlation with inflation. More so than bonds, the stock market, and even gold. On average, no investment offers a hedge against inflation like farmland.

Historical resilience & positive returns

Historical data reveals that farmland has been an extremely resilient asset class. The industry has seen positive returns generated every year since 1990, proving it to be one of the most stable asset classes over the past few decades.

More reasons to invest in farmland

Supply & Demand in Favor of Farmland Investing

  • With a growing global population and shrinking U.S. farmland acreage, the laws of supply and demand are clearly in favor of farmland investing. As a result, farmland has consistently beat other asset classes over time.

Social & Economic Benefits

  • Investing in farmland benefits the investor more than just in financial gains. An investment in agriculture has social and economical benefits that include keeping farmers in the business of farming, keeping the world fed and clothed, bringing jobs and success to a community and supporting family businesses.

Connection to the Industry that Feeds & Clothes the World

  • We believe that farmland is a different kind of asset. It's one that has so many interesting processes and produces a commodity that really matters; food. Visiting your piece of farmland and seeing it for yourself is a unique opportunity that we invite our investors to experience.


At FarmFundr, we do things a little
differently so that our investors can realize as much profit from their farm operation as possible. As part owner in the farmland, you will receive annual returns from the crop sales, in addition to the appreciation from ownership of the land.

Start Exploring Opportunities

1. Crop Profits

Receive profits when crops are harvested and sold, in most cases, annually.

2. own the land

At the end of the investment's holding period , investors will realize profits from the appreciation of the land.

What makes farmfundr different

Farmer Owned

Founded by a fourth generation farmer with over 21 years of successful farming, FarmFundr’s managers have a proven track record in purchasing, developing and managing the right properties to maximize return on investment.

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Asset Class Experts

FarmFundr's management is often consulted by other investment portals and companies for investment structure advice. Our experience in successful farmland investing along with farmland management is an asset to our valued investors.


Traditionally, it would take millions of dollars to invest in a variety of farms and crops. This can now be accomplished for as little as $10,000 per investment with FarmFundr's easy-to-use investment portal.

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Chris W.

FarmFundr Investor

Farmland Investment Review

FarmFundr provides great details on each investment, with the data presented in a clear format. I am sure they will continue to grow and be a great investment platform for farmland. I am eager to see more of the opportunities they are always making available.

John M.

FarmFundr Investor

Farmland Investment Review

Great Company! I have made multiple investments with Farmfundr. My experience has been excellent. Best of all, I get prompt responses regarding questions whether i call or email.

Alex M.

FarmFundr Investor

Farmland Investment Review

I’ve reviewed other opportunities in farmland investment and have discovered that FarmFundr has the highest quality properties with the highest return potential.

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