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What is FarmFundr

FarmFundr is an equity crowdfunding platform focused on specialty crop operations in the United States. We offer fractional farmland ownership opportunities to our members who can access and invest in high profit potential projects. Create your free membership here to start exploring opportunities.

What Makes Us Different

Founded by a fourth generation farmer with over 21 years of successful farming, FarmFundr’s managers have a proven track record in purchasing, developing and managing the right properties to maximize return on investment. 

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How to Invest in Farmland

Invest in Farmland Online

Step 1

Create a FarmFundr Account

  • Sign up for a complimentary account. 
  • Gain access to available farmland opportunities
  • Get informed on farmland market trends, investment tips and more.
Farmland Investing

Step 2

Invest in a Farm Operation

  • Determine what best fits your investment portfolio and invest.
  • All opportunities have been carefully selected and offer high return possibilities.
How to Invest in Farmland

Step 3

Monitor Your Investment

  • Congratulations, you’re a farmer!
  • FarmFundr manages all aspects of the farmland, from planting to harvesting to selling.
  • Monitor your farm’s progress online.
  • Stay updated on financial aspects and view pictures and videos of your farm’s progress and processes
Agriculture Investing

Step 4

Receive Profits

  • Profits from crop sales are distributed to investors after crops are harvested and sold each year.
  • Investors will receive funds through their secure online account, wire transfer or check.
  • All investors are invited to visit their farm!