Farmland Investing for Everyone.

Who We Are

FarmFundr is an equity crowdfunding platform focused on specialty crop operations in the United States.  We offer farmland ownership opportunities to our investors who can invest in high profit potential projects for as little as $10,000.

Our Process

  1. Investors can explore carefully selected specialty farming projects on our website by signing up for a free account.
  2. When they are ready to invest, they can do so in minutes with our simple to use, secure, online investment portal. The investor will become a limited liability member of an LLC formed for that specific property.
  3. FarmFundr manages all aspects of the farmland, from planting to harvesting to selling.
  4. Investors can monitor their farm’s progress and financial status online.
  5.  Profits from crop sales are distributed to investors after crops are harvested and sold each year. Investors are even invited to visit their farm!

The Problem & How We Solve It

The company was created to bridge the gap between farmland and investor. Farmland has historically produced substantial returns, outperforming most asset classes, but until now, investors have been limited in how they can invest in farmland. There have been the options of an agricultural REIT or the much more expensive option of buying and managing their own farm. FarmFundr gives investors the opportunity to gain fractional ownership in a high quality farm at a fraction of the cost to buy one. 

What Makes Us Unique

Farmer Owned

FarmFundr is the only farmer-owned farmland crowdfunding company. Investors can rest assured that their farm is being operated by an expert and have the highest possible to create returns.

Actual Ownership in Farmland

Essentially, each investor into a FarmFundr deal owns a portion of the actual farmland, providing the tangibility and appreciation upside of owning a physical asset many investors find attractive while sharing the benefits of the harvest and economies of scale. 

FarmFundr CEO - Brandon Silveira

FarmFundr CEO Brandon Silveira

Brandon Silveira is a fourth-generation farmer and real estate investor. He graduated from California Polytechnic University San Luis Obispo with an agricultural degree. After graduating, Brandon started his career in the agricultural industry, and has experience managing and farming a variety of crops.

Brandon has bought and sold millions in real estate and currently manages over $100 million in assets. Brandon’s farm management company was recognized in 2012 for achieving over 900% growth, and was listed on the “INC. Magazine” list of fastest growing companies at number 701. It was the only agricultural company on the list.

Brandon’s specialty is in farm management, land acquisition and a variety of farm and land financing and strategies. His passion is to bridge the gap between the farming and investors. Brandon launched FarmFundr in pursuit of that passion.

Featured Investment Offering

Almond Orchard | Lemoore, California

The almond orchard is located in Kings County, California. This area is called the Island District,  located in a highly sought after area that is located between two rivers. The soil is very fertile and is excellent for growing most crops.

The orchard is five years old, and nearing peak maturation, it’s set to hit its average production output by 2020. This is a very unique variety of Almond tree that does not require bees to pollinate individual blossoms. This saves a considerable amount of money, and boosts profitability on a year-to-year basis.

This is a high end production orchard with no expense spared in development and technology. The orchard is irrigated by a state of the art irrigation system with individual sprinkler outputs at each tree. This is a highly efficient process for saving money on water, power, fertilizer, and labor.

Connect with FarmFundr

For additional information, quotes or to setup an interview with our CEO, please use the form below or call 559.380.5492

FarmFundr presents the opportunity for investors to gain access to a quality asset class and achieve attractive returns in a simple and straightforward way.

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