300k or more to invest?

If you are looking to invest $300,000 or more into farmland and would like to be the sole owner, our FarmFindr program may be for you! Whether it's a 1031 exchange, a Solo 401K, an IRA account or another source - our experienced team and farm manager will help you structure a custom investment that has high profit potential, matches your risk tolerance and helps you reach your personal investment goals.

Choose your commodity

We can create a truly customized farmland investment just for you.
Let us know what commodities you are interested in growing and we will advise you on which we think will be most profitable.

This is a truly customized investment that will be designed for you and managed by an expert farm manager. You will even get to name name your farm!

Target Returns 10-20%

Depending on your personal risk tolerance, annual cash return goals and desired holding period, we will help you acquire a farm that fits your criteria and meets your desired return %.

We will undergo a rigorous investment process and help you aquire and develop a farm that matches your criterea.

Interested in a Custom Farmland Investment?

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