Sell Your Farmland

Sale & Leases

If you or your landlord are selling land that you would like to continue to farm, we may be interested in purchasing it and setting up a lease with you.

Fund Farmland Property

Get More Acreage

Have you identified a property that you’d be interested in farming? Tell us about it! This could be an opportunity for us to buy and lease it to you. 

Get Funding for Farming

raise funds

Do you have a vision or goal for your property? Whether you are looking to develop, improve, or even transition a property to organic, we may be able to assist!

Lease BAcks

If leasing the property is ideal for you, we can arrange a long term and flexible lease. Even before the property is purchased we will establish a leaseback structure that works for you. Our goal is to make transactions as fast as possible! With expert legal and real estate support, the deal will be closed quickly and smoothly. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to help you retain part of the ownership in the property.

Investor Funding for Farmers
Fund farming without a bank

EXPAND Operations

Are you looking to expand your acreage?
Have you identified a property you’d like to farm but do not want to purchase yourself? If so, we may be interested in buying the property and set up a multi-year lease with you.

Or maybe your current landlord is selling the property you are farming. We can purchase the farm and help you to continue operating those acres.

Capital for Projects

When purchasing farms, we investigate possibilities to develop and improve the land whether it be by removing trees, improving drainage or transitioning conventional farms into organic. 

If you've got a plan to develop, improve or convert to organic but need capital to execute, share your plan with us.

How to get funding for a farm

Let Us Help You Grow

Please tell us more about your identified property and goals.