Why California is the Leading State in Agriculture

August 24, 2020

California is America’s agricultural superstar largely because of the state’s climate and considerable amount of arable land.  Conditions in the Golden State are near-perfect for growing all sorts of delicious fruits and vegetables.  The majority of California’s farms and ranches are owned by individuals, families or partnerships. If you are interested in helping feed the world while simultaneously increasing your net worth, it is time to consider an investment in California farmland.

An Inside Look at What Makes California Perfect for the Production of Commodities

Visit your local grocery store and it is nearly guaranteed the majority of the walnuts, almonds, olives, raisins, artichokes, pomegranates and prunes you find were grown in California.  This is only the tip of the metaphorical iceberg in terms of the fruits, nuts and vegetables grown in the Golden State.  California’s land is optimally suited for growing food.  The state’s sunny days combined with its proximity to water and arable land make it perfect for growing just about everything.  As a result, California's diversity of farms is unparalleled. 

All in all, around 28 million acres of California’s land are used to grow fruits, vegetables, nuts and other food.  Of this 28 million acres, about 5 million acres are viewed as prime farmland.  California produces about 12% of the nation's market value of agricultural products sold.

California’s agricultural success is attributable to a number of factors.  The state has comparably diverse soils and optimal for a wide range of products.  Furthermore, despite political challenges, California does offer access to water that facilitates the growth of all sorts of different crops. Though there are some challenges when it comes to water access, experts who properly vet farm parcels can find land with two or more water sources that provide sufficient water for most crops. Add in the region's nearly flawless climate and you have the perfect combination of variables for growing diverse produce.

California’s Top Commodities

Between corporate-run farms, family-owned farms and other agricultural operations, California farms receive around $50 billion in receipts for output.  All in all, the Golden State grows more than 400 commodities.  This output accounts for two-thirds of America’s fruits and nuts along with one-third of America’s vegetables.  California’s top commodities include dairy products, almonds, grapes, strawberries, oranges, lettuce and tomatoes.  

The sheer magnitude of California’s commodity production makes the state’s farmland quite the attractive investment.  The ever-increasing population in the United states and the globe as a whole will inevitably drive up the demand for food that much more in the years ahead.  If you are looking for a relatively safe investment likely to generate consistent returns for years and even decades to come, look to California farmland.

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