Why Farmland

Reasons to Invest in Farmland

Farm Investment Opportunities

  • By 2050 the world population will grow to over 10 billion people.
  • In addition to 3 billion more people, the middle class will grow at an unprecedented rate. An additional 3 billion people will enter the middle class causing food demand to sky rocket.
  • Farmers will have to produce 70% more food by 2050.
  • This will all have to be accomplished on less farmland. The U.S. alone loses almost 500,000 acres of farmland a year. That’s a loss of nearly 15,000,000 acres of farmland by 2050.
  • The average U.S. farmers age is 58. As more and more farmers reach the retirement age a large portion of land will change hands supplying the market with a great opportunity to invest in farmland.  

Farmland As An Investment

Farm returns have averaged more than 12% since the great depression.

Investing in Farmland

  • Farm returns have averaged more than 12% since the great depression.
  • Farmland historically has been a great inflation hedge.
  • Investors must realize that farmland is a long term investment. Return on an investment can vary from 12 months to 7 years before seeing your first return on investments.
  • Farming is expensive. Historically this kept many investors out of the industry or limited to REITS that disconnect the investor from their investment.
  • Many times, REITS offer low returns due to their buy and lease investment model. FarmFundr has changed this by offering for the first time direct investments into farmland at a fraction of the cost.

Owning A Farm Is Different

Long Term Investment Growth

Reasons to Invest With FarmFundr

  • FarmFundr invites its principal investors to spend a weekend with us, in one of our ranch houses.*
  • We want all investors to see the many aspects that go into a real working farm. But most importantly, see the hard work that goes into feeding the world.
  • FarmFundr offers investors an exclusive opportunity to invest in a real working farm at a fraction of a cost to buy one.
  • FarmFundr offers diversity. Traditionally, it would take millions of dollars to invest in a variety of farms and crops. This can now be accomplished for as little as $10,000 per investment.