Ag Investing Simplified

Orchard and Vineyard Investments

Orchard & Vineyard Farmland

We invest in a variety of orchards and vineyards including existing crops as well as developing new crops for future production.

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Certified Organic Farmland Investments

Certified Organic Farmland

Certified organic products are in high demand. We invest in certified organic farmland and the conversion of conventional farmland to certified organic.

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Row Crop Farmland Investments

Row Crop Farmland

Row crop farmland allows us to plant a variety of crops. Row crop farmland has the ability to change crops with demand each year and the ability to grow more than one crop per year.

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Agricultural Facility Investments

Water, Agriculture Facilities & Beyond.

FarmFundr invests in water stocks, rangeland for grazing, agriculture processing and packing facilities. We invest in undervalued assets with long-term growth in the agricultural industry.

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Building Wealth For Tomorrow, Today

How Does It Work?

  • Sign up to view properties, complete due diligence

  • Determine the crop that fits your portfolio best, and invest!

  • Get started with as little as $10K

  • Congrats, you’re a farmer! Crops are planted

  • FarmFundr manages all farming & production

  • Sample crops from your orchard, even schedule a visit

  • Shares of crop sales are distributed to investors following harvest

  • Receive annual returns via bank account, wire, or check

  • Investor partners hold Ag shares for an average of 8-10 years